Niveau rond Niveau à fiole

Regular levels

with bubble vial, linear and circular

Linear levels :
Grooved base in grinded steel.
Main vial is protected and adjustable, easy to replace.
Sensitivity, one division = mm/m : 1 - 0.4 - 0.3 - 0.1 - 0.05.
Available lengths 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm.


Screw micrometers

Reading precision : 1/1000 of mm.
Range : 15 mm - 25 mm.

Niveau droit Niveau micrométrique

Precision levels

linear, frame, micrometric

Stabilized cast iron body. Grooved base for measurement on flat surfaces and cylinders.
Hardened and grinded seatings for 140, 200 and 300 mm base lengths. 2 adjustable vials.
To prevent stress and deformation due to fixing and aging, the vial is fastened without sealing.

Clinomètre Niveau de pente


and slope levels

A weighted and graduated drum acts as a pendulum.
A 1/4 turn locking knob is provided to secure the drum position.
Inside mechanism is protected against outside dust.
Grooved base is hardened and grinded. ± 180°
Vernier scale: 1 arcminute.
Error betweeen two readings : 2 arcminutes max.
Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 156 mm.
Accessories: magnifier, magnetic base

Niveaux électroniques

Electronic series

High precision measurement

Electronic levels leverage the spirit levels know-how and experience with microelectronics and computer technology.
THEORY OF OPERATION: A damped pendulum, without mechanical resistance, settles in position according to terrestrial gravity with the highest precision. The position of the pendulum with respect to the reference plane bearing the level is tracked by a differential sensor with infinite resolution.

Flatness graphic

Surface flatness software

geometric reconstruction of profiles and surfaces

This software processes measurement data from the electronic level series and creates data files according to various surface travel patterns (grid, UK flag, ring, twisted line, ...). The surface geometry is reconstructed, a 3D view of which is displayed. Relevant characteristics are computed (flatness error, inclination value).
Specific profles are also available: single line, parallel lines.
Measurement reports are also created.